Zedro greets everyone in the lobby and is O Boy Studios charming icon, quickly becoming recognizable across the Willamette Valley.

Zedro greets everyone in the lobby and is O Boy Studios charming icon, quickly becoming recognizable across the Willamette Valley.

The Shop

Josh is the owner and sole artist of O.Boy.Studios. The shop is a custom only tattoo shop.  Josh specializes in fine line and detail work as well as stippling. Josh is also fully versed in color techniques.  


Josh has been an artist his entire life; filling hundreds of sketchbooks from his childhood to the present. He graduated with an MFA in Printmaking and went on to graduate from tattoo school. He worked with co-shop mates in Portland before settling in Salem in 2015 to open his own shop and the rest is history. 


Oboystudios is a builder and sponsor of several creative brands, bands and individuals. We make and sell anything we believe is fun whilst also pressing the agenda of free expression and individuality.


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Unicron Brand


Contact Josh

Email: oboystudios@gmail.com

Text/Call: 970.343.0800

Facebook Message: www.facebook.com/oboystudios



381 State Street, Suite 8

Salem, OR 97301


Parking is available on the street or in the local parking garages. Parking is free. Please give yourself a few extra minutes to find parking prior to your appointment. 

Located at the top of the stairs between Maven and Ma Valise, first door on the right. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need an appointment?

Yes! Since the shop is not your traditional walk-in style shop, Josh is not always there, although you might be lucky and catch him from time to time! Josh works by appointment only with some exceptions. Same day appointments are possible, depending on the piece. If you are looking to get a small script tattoo this is something that can be done same day but, if you are looking for a custom piece that needs designing, please contact Josh to begin the process.   

What types of payment do you accept?

Cash and credit/debit cards. 

What should I wear?

Please dress in something that easily exposes the area being tattooed. For certain areas clothing may need to be removed. Comfortable clothes that you are not concerned with getting some blood and/or ink on are ideal. Discuss with Josh prior to your appointment for specifics on your tattoo. 

Can I bring someone with me for my appointment?

Yes, just please limit the number of guests or discuss this with Josh before the appointment. He is more than willing to have friends and family present and enjoys it when guests make the experience even more fun. 

When should I arrive for my appointment?

As the shop is not walk-in ready, please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early for your scheduled appointment

What is your rate?

$120/hour for larger pieces. I will give you an estimate for most smaller pieces. $50 non-refundable design/appointment deposit. $25 touchup fee. An appointment will not be booked until the deposit is received. 

Shop Minimum: $100